"White Widow" by Partywhispers

Hey, what’s up everybody! This is your main man Trill Cut reviewing the best new music from the dopest music artists out today! I have a dope review to bring to you today. The song is called ‘White Widow’ from Partywhispers. You can find this song on any streaming platform, but I’m tuned in on Spotify. Let’s get into it!

The intro for “White Widow” is pretty cool and feels light in a sense. It sounds like Rhodes or synthesize layered chords that give an airy, cool feeling to the song. The high hat rhythm accompanied in the intro makes you feel like it might be a hip-hop track but this is where I learn why this artist called himself Partywhispers. Although the instrumentation and arrangement can remind you of a hip-hop track, the vocals are letting you know he’s planning to do something a little more experimental.

I don’t think you could call Partywhispers a “mumble artist” but he very well might be the very first “whisper artist.” I say that jokingly because I would categorize his style as singing although it’s very clear he is trying to focus on delivering the lyrics in this light, sensitive or delicate way. I have heard artists do records in this type way before, but this typically isn’t something that is done on multiple songs. Rather it’s maybe used to convey a certain feeling in one song or to convey a certain feeling in just a small part of that song. I think this approach worked on this record. My only critique is that some of the lyrics are hard to make out and I’m not sure if this is due to the style or mixing/mastering.

The beat is not complicated at all and that is not a discredit to the track. Not all songs need to be hugely complicated and to be direct all hit singles do very well at building on the simple, catchy parts of the song. I think I’m perfectly fine with the standard high hats, snare drum, kick drum and 808 bass used in this track. The leveling and compression of the music sounds pretty good. I think I actually like the semi gritty feeling in the production but as I mentioned earlier, I am not sure if this is something that affected the clarity of the vocals. It could be possible that this is intentional, and this song is more about feeling than necessarily hearing every single word. I can’t say this is a dealbreaker for me because music is first and foremost a feeling and I think as long as the feeling is right, you can compromise in a few other areas.

Overall, I like the song “White Widow” and I think it’s a good song for a younger audience. This is the type of beat I could see myself making although I can’t say I have made anything that does sound like this. This is a vibe I like to listen to, but I’m not sure that I would write to it because I think I like to listen to it more. Not every song I feel needs a rap verse and this song it’s probably one of them. With that said, I would tell you to go check this song out and add it to your playlist. Also, follow Partywhispers to stay up the date on what this artist will creatively put out in the future.

Song Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/42034lskWbNRtgtFuwDN98?si=6oFqeNc-Tr6yt-6RUD4ylQ 

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