'Thinkin Bout You' by M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s.

Hey, what’s up everybody this is your main man Trill Cut coming through doing something special for all the music artists out there. If you don’t know by now, this is another segment of Trill Cut Features’ where I personally review your music, give you my opinion about it and also let you know if this is something I would like to remix, write a verse too or even sample. Today we have a song called, ‘Thinkin Bout You’ from the artist M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s. You can find this song on pretty much any streaming platform although today I’m checking it out via Spotify.

From the beginning of the track, it’s notable to say, this song feel like a familiar vibe. The piano/Rhodes used give a good bright feeling to the intro. Although the beginning has a soulful feel starting out, it is then infused with a dance or Afrobeat type energy. This was largely unexpected, but was a good turn of events. Also in beginning enters a soulful, female voice, which also adds another layer to the song. I think this was a good choice by M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s to have the singer alongside him with the intro.

I really enjoyed the cadence and flow which M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s chose for his verse. It’s hard to critique lyricism or metaphors in a song like this being that the topic of the song is pretty broad and it seems to speak more about wanting to be with your partner or thinking about them and missing them. In my opinion, the heavy metaphors and dense lyrics are not needed for this song, and actually may take away from the feeling which was carefully crafted. I think M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s was smart to let his feature artist in with a verse and not leave her vocals only on the chorus. She added an unexpected feeling to it, which also made the song more interesting as it went on. This was the perfect set up for the drop at around two minutes and 50 seconds, which also added another cool complexity to the song.

To be straight forward, the engineering of this song is top-notch work. The bass was great and the highs of the song were not clipping or sounding in the red. The drums also were pretty crisp and sharp which only makes room for the vocals to break through cleanly. I also want to make mention of the vocal mixing as I think it was pretty good for the song. It was cool hearing M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s Ab Libs during his verses, as well as when he’s backing up his featured artist. The high shelf filters were perfectly used as to not make the vocals sound too airy.

So with all that said, I bet you’re wondering if this is a song I would work with? The answer is emphatically yes! As a producer, there are different elements in the song I could see myself sampling like some of M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s Ab Libs but what would interest me the most would be remixing this production and seeing what elements from M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s original verse(s) could be kept and used to create a new song. I would possibly remix and/or extending the original idea too.. because it’s definitely a good one with a good feeling. It’s really not much to say when the music is good, but there is a lot to listen to! So you should make your way over and discover M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s ‘Thinkin Bout You’ right now! Add it to your playlist and follow M.E.L.O. V.i.b.e.s so you can be up-to-date on what he’s dropping next!

Song Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/3Ujt55zUI2mYnx2SxsIcCn?si=b7f5bdeb79bf4948

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