"Infection" by Echo Strike

Hey, what’s up everybody! This is your main man Trill Cut coming to you again, reviewing all the hot music from the dopest music artists out today! I have a cool vibe to bring to you today. The song is called ‘Infection’ from Echo Strike. You can find this song on any streaming platform, but I’m tuned in on Spotify. Let’s get into it!

I cannot begin this review without first talking about the song title “Infection.” I think this title is perfectly labeled but most importantly the song is truly infectious for the entire four minutes and 45 seconds. The song starts with a really strong kick/bass punch that sets the tempo for what you’re about to feel. What I’ve come to learn, is that the best songs tend to be simple, or rather have a few simple elements for which an entire production can build on. I mentioned this because I feel the kick/bass rhythm is this simple element for which this song is built upon and can stand strongly. The lyrics are a slight minimal in my opinion, but they reflect the concept greatly. Not all songs have a lot of metaphors and this is not a requirement of a good song. And in some ways, I think being too lyrical, or possibly too metaphorical would have taken away from the feeling the music in this song already created.

What is very interesting about this track is the combination of the electric vibes plus a very solid programmed drum sequence. Once the keys and the guitar rhythms come in, there is just enough room for the vocals to stand crisp in the middle. And I think the Singer did a very good job at staying in his pocket and allowing the music to carry the production for the most part. Yes, this song feels fun like we should be having a good time and dancing. However, the delicate vocals really put a light, bright feeling for which the beat/production could not do. In some ways, I would say the production is a little dark feeling but the vocals really shine, or add the right amount of light to the overall song you’re hearing.

For all of the music engineers out there I think you need to get your pen and pad out and take a note from this Engineer. I can’t make any negative comments about the leveling, compression, music drops, echoes or delays. As a music artist, I can speak to the feeling of having a competent Engineer that can bring to life what it is you already hear in your song. If this song did not have proper mixing and mastering, I feel there will be a lackluster feeling to this song which would do a complete disservice to it. I’ve played this song in a couple different systems just to check for myself and it’s definitely a banger! I’m not sure if this song was engineered with 360° surround sound, but the panning of some of the vocals really gives that feeling.

This is definitely a song not typically inside the genre of music I create, but it’s not outside the genre of music I listen to. First, I listen to good music. It checks the box there. I also like to listen to music with a message. It has one there too. And I really love good bass music! Completely checks out there! Although this may not be the type of song I would feature on, it is definitely the type of track I would try produce for the music artist I work with. And it definitely would be the type of song I would add to my playlist! Make sure you do too and follow this band on all social media platforms.

Song Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/7uj23brFbrhb64O7I3bV8f?si=tszhR9cUTE6_qXR4Y3HrKw 

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