"Built On" by Jane Doe Hipsta

Hey, what’s up everybody! This is your main man Trill Cut coming through reviewing all the hot music from the dopest artists out today! I have to let you know I have a really dope song I’m reviewing tonight from a really dope music artist I’ve been following for a while now. The song of the day is called ‘Built On’ from Jane Doe Hipsta. You can find this song on pretty much any streaming platform, although today I’m checking it out via Spotify. Let’s get into it!

When I press play on this track, I have to admit I was not ready for what was in store. I was really, really feeling the sample used in the beginning of the track! I could be wrong calling this part a sample, but it does very well to give that feeling, which is very traditional for the best hip-hop tracks we’ve heard before. Also, if you’re listening to the song and looking at the cover art like I typically do when listening to these records, I feel the intro of this song matches the artwork perfectly. It helps me better understand the ride I’m about to take.

The song title “Built On“ really peaked my interest and made me want to hear what this track was about. Now once Jane Doe gets into her flow, the concept comes through crystal clear. Her flow is original, impeccable, and she holds every pocket very well on this track. What I mean by holding the pocket is, there are points in the song which she intentionally puts a pause between certain words as to give greater emphasis to what she is saying. This is very artistic and helps very well to better paint the picture and help the listener see what she is saying, not just hear it.

But I also have to mention while listening I couldn’t help but feel like this would’ve been a song that Queen Latifah would’ve tried to put on her albums. Maybe it’s the drums that make me feel this way. I really like them plus I really appreciate the tempo used on this track. It’s impossible to reject the strong warm feeling for which perfect kick drums can give. These two elements accompanied by a really dope guitar loop in the background really adds different layers for which Jane Doe Hipsta’s vocals sit right in between.

Now let’s talk about the vocals! Although this song is just one verse, accompanied by an intro and the chorus before and after this verse… She wastes no time and pulls no punches in this verse. Like I mentioned before, the concept “built on” really comes alive in the verse because she finds a way to connect this idea to the popular trend/or saying of “standing on business”. To understand why hip-hop is so loved would be to understand that not only is it important to have a message, but it is just as equally important to deliver that message in a cool/hip way. In this track, I like how Jane even uses some vocal samples to complete her end rhymes on certain lines, and then finding a way to still creatively deliver her punch lines when she’s not using the vocal samples. Nicki Minaj is probably one of the few female artists out today who really takes this style of wordplay to another level and I feel Jane Doe Hipsta found her groove with it as well!

With all of that, I would give this track five out of five! Not only did this track bring the energy and a message, this track also brought a lot of creativity to the table, and I feel should be an inspiration to other artists to push the boundaries. Some people may be upset the song is only two minutes and one second but that’s why you need to hit replay and ride it out until the tape pops! The engineering is on par for the genre, making it easy to hear every word and the beat/music at the same time. Only thing I forgot to mention was that I wish Jane had another verse open for me lol! However, this is a dope track and I’m definitely adding this one to my personal playlists.

Song Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/56s9IRQuToJWqduRkDSfAB?si=hzXvDWsSQX-8X7y13oI8bw

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