Why Florida Water?

What’s going on people? 

My video for a Florida Water has been out for about two months… But it recently broke the 10,000 views mark! Ever since the song came out I have had a number of people ask me why did I make this song? I’ve also had a couple people ask me what is Florida water..is it a metaphor or what am I trying to say in the track. Well I think now is a good time to answer all those questions and let you know what is Florida Water.

I wrote the song literally right after I seeing something on the news about the Flint water crisis for the first time. The thing that stood out to me about the Flint water crisis was I felt like it was something that wasn’t just happening in Detroit or Flint I should say. So I turn the TV off and did a real quick Google search. I found that there was a similar water issue down in South Florida. 

This was also right before the pandemic/lockdown. There was a number of things going on in Florida at that time I felt I can speak on. Florida is my home.. I’ll always love it here but I also can tell how much out of towners love this place too! I think during the pandemic we really saw how much everybody love Florida too LOL. But on a serious note, the whole point of Florida water was me bringing attention to what’s going down here and apparently a few other cities in the US.

I guess you could say this is my musical metaphor. Or maybe a reminder that this place that we all love, we need to take a little better care of it. Also, I hope that I could inspire/make it cool to the kids to take care your neighborhood and also give them a reason to be a better citizen. 

So with that being said make sure you slide over to YouTube & check out my video for a Florida Water! Make sure you like and subscribe to the channel and also share this message with those that you know want to make a difference in saving our Florida Water!

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