Trill Lives Again!

What’s going on my people!

I know it’s been a while since the last time I posted. I’m still here doing my thing & had to change up the way I move. There comes a time when we must start "a new" just like with a “New Year” and I felt like now was the time to start all over again..and finally we are live & ready for everybody to come through and check out the new site!

I also took a break to handle some family matters. In December my third child was born and I'm in the process of moving! The holidays were chill but this year I got the best gift of alI. I just had to take some time to focus on that but im getting the ball rolling again.

So now you may understand why this post is entitled "Trill Lives Again" lol. Not only did I start a new website.. but there’s a new “Trill Cut” in the atmosphere, a new album coming on the way and a few other things I can't share just yet but I will let you know in due time! Stay tune for the next update.

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