Sound of Life Lyrics

Sound Of Life

(Intro Talk)


You know what It iz man

(Verse 1)

Its so instrumental to be the best that I can be

To find the rhythm lift me up and then set my soul free

Cuz the beast wanna see me broke with no relief

But the poetry I speak is worth more than you can see

I have a dream/ Not even Martin Luther King

Could explain to me the man that I’m supposed to be

I chose to be real

Now who you supposed to be

This food for thought, here go the groceries.

Feast on my life with cold beats

As I teach these kids to reach for they peaks

Im climbing mountains most never seen

Battling monsters, Red Blue and Green

Behind this movie screen is real things..

Child getting older, Lord gave me a Queen

Time to learn the things that I never dreamed

Would make me a man, but I want all those things.

(Help me Lord, Help me, Please help me)

And Lord I’m still thinking bout the times

That you reached down grabbed my life and put in align

Knowing that in time that my inner light would shine

I just had to grow my mind…

They say nothing happens over night

But if i look back and blink too much

I’ll probably miss it twice

And thats the Sound of the Speed of Life

Before you know it you could be 24, kids and a ex wife.

(Break Down)

Thats too deep

Especially for this generation and the things that we going thru..

Just a young man…

Becoming a grown man..

Thru every circumstance..

Let me blow like a fan Lord…

(Verse 2)

So I take the time to get it right

Because I don’t wanna live my life as just I lived and died

So please receive me of the things that keep me tied

And keep me free from greed and false vows

I done cried so long my pillows filled with towels

Made my eyes so swole my friends called me Chow

I ain’t worried bout the past

Mind focused on now

All these women call me King

So everybody should bow

Now Im on New York strip like a cow

Trill Cut made from a cloth out of town

Foreign; and it’d be rude to call you boring

Cuz you can’t hang with my minor performance

You know it!

Gimme the ball I’m scoring

You Know!

To the top we going (repeat)

Dreaming bout the times that I couldn’t put it down

Now I just reach for this Bic and just put it down

My life in Sound - Black, Red and Brown

Reppin for the Earth until I’m back in the ground


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