Cosmc Legaci Lyrics

Cosmic Legaci

(Intro Talk)

Yea man

This for my brother Cosmic Legaci

This for my brother..big bruh!

I hope I pay respect to your name the right way.

Thats all Im trying to do.

But shhh knowing you..

You would have told me man go and get in the booth

What you waiting for Trill

Real 1 from day 1 man

I know it

I always got you

(Verse 1)

This for my n***a I won’t speak to again

Couldn’t talk straight to you so I picked up the pen

The day you died

I cried and felt for you like my kin

Never could have guessed this how its gonna end

So help me make lemonade from life’s bitter tea

And make sense of this hand that was dealt to me

My poker face stayed on until the river was seen

Couldn’t deny how I felt and what you meant to me

We from the bottoms but the top is what you wanted for me

I would tell you every time thats what I wanted for we

My n***a grinded so hard..C’est la vie

And Im proud to grind with you dawg

Rest in peace

That real soulja

Life is the real battle

Sometimes you gotta cross over so you can fight it better

Its hard to understand what the pastor never tell you

And I know you with you with me now

I promise I will never fail you Cosmic!


You know you got a lot of people man..who they take this life thing for granted

But were an eternal spirit man..a energy that never ends..

And I thank you

(Verse 2)

So many take it for granted

Without real understanding

And not seeing the damage

They do to what they planning

So Ima go hard

Til Im off of the planet

And got a Cosmic Legaci

That my brother can see

The past catching up to me

What the future gone be

All this work put in

When is it time to redeem

I hope my brother smiling down

When he looking at me

And thru this beat I pay respect

And give your name energy

It was never bout the money

Its the truth that we seek

Like a real MC, you first learn

Then speak - I

Learned from you

You learned from me

Iron sharpen Iron

Stainless steel in the sink

Like a top chef

My n***a got flavor that make you think

Part of the reason I had to change cuz I seen

I had to come real every time no in-between

Because its people out there listening

To every word that we speak

(Outro Talk)

You let me know that man..From just being real with me dawg..

Like aye Trill, You a real..You a real word smith man..

Don’t let nobody take that from you..

And I won’t!

Its n****s like you man..that make n****s like me.

Im telling you bruh.

Thats that iron sharpen iron shit..

You know what Im saying.

I don’t take none of time for granted man.

It just don’t get no realer than that.

So what I need you to do is fly.

You ain’t gotta grind no more..

Im grind for us man.

You know it..


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